All Because Mary was Pregnant before Marriage?

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The other day I had some time to spend in the car during a road trip. I was bored with reading and perusing Facebook, so I settled in for some “random thoughts” time. You know how this works: You hear a song lyric, see something out the window, drive down a familiar path, and your brain is off and running and suddenly seeing a Dairy Queen sign makes you think of your first kiss with the guy who was your best friend’s cousin when he took you to Homecoming your junior year.

Or is that just me??

Yeah. Ok.

Anyway, I was actually thinking about Christmas and the birth of Jesus; more specifically,  I was thinking about Mary being pregnant before she was married.

This happens all the time. I mean, if we all took a moment we could probably name 5 people in our circle of influence who would fall into this category.

So why was Mary’s pregnancy anything to make a big deal over? Why would this elaborate story about her baby boy being the messiah need to be created?

His birth; the miracles; the sermon on the mount; the torture; the resurrection….all just a big cover up for a girl who was pregnant at the wrong time??

mary-and-josephAnd if we had the chance to create a story about the savior of the world, why wouldn’t we make him some kind of royalty and not born to a carpenter and his “not yet” wife?

Yes, I know there were prophecies in the old testament, but we all know councils picked and chose some things to be left in or out of the Bible, so why wouldn’t they just change all that, too?

I get it! It’s totally crazy! “The holy spirit came upon her” and she was pregnant?? That is bonkers!

It’s supernatural…If there is this power that’s running the show, shouldn’t it be able to do something that defies logic and reason?

Shouldn’t it be unquantifiable to the human mind?

Maybe it’s not a big conspiracy, like I wanted to believe for so long.

Maybe it’s real.

And if it’s real, then it must have implications for your life, too.


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