I Can Tell Time. Don’t be Jealous.

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find joyFor real, my job is awesome for so many reasons, and it’s always the small moments that make it great.

Today, just in this one day, there were so many heart-happy moments.

Awesome KIDisms today:
Overheard 1st and 2nd grade boys:
Kid 1:”Do not say that word.”
Kid 2:”Yeah. It’s inappropriate; especially for us.”
Kid 1: “My sister said that word and she spent the REST of the day in her room.”
So I walked over and whispered to one kid “You are not in trouble, and I heard you giving some really great advice, but I was just wondering what the bad word was. Will you whisper it to me?”children are
Kid 1: “It’s the ‘down there’ word.” (Points down which could mean too many things)
Me: “Oh, is it? Which word?”
Kid 1: “Hell.”
So, for the record, if you say “Hell” in this kid’s house you are spending the rest of the day in your room.

While teaching a lesson about honesty I asked a class to imagine that the coolest 2nd grader in the world moved to our school and was going to be in their class. Before I could continue a boy said, “Um. I’m already here….”

When finishing that same lesson I knew I was running out of time and there were lots of hands in the air. I said, “Friends, I see a lot of hands in the air but only 6 minutes left till dismissal…”
A little girl gasped and exclaimed “You can tell time!!!”
Indeed kiddo, indeed. In all fairness, they are all learning to read clocks this week…

Seriously, working in schools with kids is, like, the best thing ever.

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