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I’m undercover as your typical selfie-taking duck-facing gal.

Why is it called Obviously Undercover?

Well, I am always noticing things when I am out and about. I pick up on details without even trying. I hear things I don’t mean to hear and see things I don’t mean to see. Sometimes this means I have pieces to lots of different puzzles without realizing it. It also means that sometimes those pieces come together and I realize I have something to say or share or help with, so that’s what I do.

The Deep Thoughts category is where I write about, well, my deep thoughts. Sometimes they’re also funny a la Jack Handey.

When they’re also funny they get to go in the Point and Laugh category. That’s where I share stupid, silly, or naive things that have happened to me or that I’ve made happen.

The Getting Personal category is where I might talk about personal experiences with family or faith that may be on the heavier side. Sometimes I might even delve into health topics. It’s also known as “A Little TMI.” If you’re lucky, these also land on the funny side, like the explanation for why I wear too much deodorant.

And last, but not least, the Online Dating category. As a single gal in her 30s with an ever-dwindling pool of physically accessible single males, I have had to resort to online dating. This is where you can find the hilarity and horror of my experiences.

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